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The next character is now done! I wanted to do a fan-made character but also one that quite a few people know. Therefore, I went with Button's Mom! She does have a few actual names within the fandom as well as from the original creator (Jan of Jan Animation Studios), but most know her by this title.

DA entry for laying plushie (cuddle) is over here.

The usual info…
She stands about 24" from the bottom of her hoof to the top of her head. She's 8" at her widest and 27" nose to end of tail depending on how the tail is situated.
Materials: high-quality minky (Shannon Fabrics) and polyfil. I embroidered her eyes, nose, mouth, cutie mark, and my artist emblem. There is NO WIRE in this plush. She's flexible but not overly so since she obviously stands upright — not limp. She can be moved and flexed in a lot of different ways but shouldn't be handled roughly. She has feelings too, you know.

As always I'm working on more characters.

Be sure to check out my page updates since I post all the plushies I currently have available there with handy links, date information, and new plushies I'm working on. <3

Commission info available here.

This plushie's availability: made by request.
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