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I never would have guessed this guy would be in my first dozen or so characters I’ve made. I created Sombra here for a commission and gave him some special glowing eyes so he can scare people in the dark. He really enjoys that. XD

My first time doing a 30in stallion as well as a plushie with fetlocks. It was pretty hard to do but I’m happy with how he turned out. I did intentionally not give him a cutie mark and omitted the red tip of the horn since I am not doing minky dyeing yet. I’d like to do that in the future though. I’m also working on a cape for him.  

The usual info…
He lays about 13.5" from the bottom of his forehoof to the top of his head. He’s 8" at his widest and about 31" nose to end of tail depending on how the tail is situated. The 30" label on the photo collection here refers to the length of the plush from the tip of the forehoof to the opposing tip of the rear hoof.
Materials: high-quality minky (Shannon Fabrics) and polyfil. I embroidered his eyes, nose, mouth, and my artist emblem. I used glow in the dark embroidery thread for the white of his eyes. There is NO WIRE in this plush. He’s flexible but not overly so since he obviously sits upright – not limp. He can be moved and flexed in a lot of different ways but shouldn’t be handled roughly. He has feelings too, you know.  Even if he is, well…you know…an evil villain.  

As always I’m working on more characters.  

Be sure to check out my page updates since I post all the plushies I currently have available there with handy links, date information, and new plushies I’m working on. <3

Commission info available here.

This plushie’s availability: made by request only.
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