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Hey guys check out my new art
And look at the board с:
Come visit on my Twit and Deviantart
See you later ^^
safe (1445735)artist:gouransion (32)twilight sparkle (263570)pony (713397)unicorn (210469)sparkle's seven (1455)spoiler:s09e04 (1448)ak-47 (279)alternate hairstyle (21564)assault rifle (600)bipedal (27333)bipedal leaning (1279)blueprint (146)brick wall (320)chalkboard (2360)couch (6069)crown (11202)dollar (68)female (775123)fluffy (11674)gun (12572)hard-won helm of the sibling supreme (148):j (13)leaning (2786)looking at you (123259)mare (344624)polaroid (137)punklight sparkle (657)rifle (2983)smoking gun (12)solo (886731)tongue out (77066)wanted poster (205)weapon (23341)window (6125)

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