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Meet Alamasi :3

"Alamasi" means the Swahili word for Diamond :3

Alamasi was born in the zebra lands, with her being born into a tribe that deas with rocks and minerals. She, her parents, and her sisters, worked as miners, mining local caves and ground for rare rocks and materials to sell. Compared to her family who where monotone and dull, she was very expressive and perky,being a very hyperactive zebra.

Despite being good at her job, she felt like it wasn't her calling. When she was old enough, she left her family and tribe, and moved to the cities, to start her dream job of being a comedian.

She is a very successful girl today,as she is known for being a very funny comedian, and has been doing shows both in the Zebra lands, as well as in other places across the world.

She's basically like the zebra version of Pinkie Pie XD

Old Design:
safe1707589 artist:bluedinoadopts34 oc685393 oc only449184 oc:alamasi3 zebra17729 afro674 bandaid1868 blue background5118 boots22053 bow28673 bracelet9434 choker12050 clothes460068 cute199982 ear piercing26343 earring21171 female1364201 freckles28910 grin38586 hair bow15604 hairpin1743 heart48421 heterochromia5443 hoodie14173 jewelry63807 mismatched socks124 piercing41185 shoes36777 simple background393883 smiling248816 snake bites205 socks66404 solo1065022 starry eyes3352 stars15623 striped socks21414 wingding eyes22292 wristband3627 zebra oc3243


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Also I don't mean to sound mean or anything, but hasn't this comment section gone off-topic a bit? X)

it'd be more fitting to talk about your oc on one of her images X)
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Very. She also has some VERY interesting stories to tell, and is kind of a combination of Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle in personality. She cracks jokes and is genuinely cheery, but also HIGHLY intelligent and if necessary will do everything purely based on logic.