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safe1587866 artist:redp4 princess luna94267 alicorn199871 bird6976 goose296 pony859749 sparkle's seven1582 :c502 >:c154 albino vulture2 animated92945 annoyed5058 behaving like a cat1970 blinking3270 chair6089 chibi13161 colored sclera570 cute181493 female1228278 frown21550 goose petting luna2 holding a pony2640 lidded eyes27291 luna petting goose120 lunabetes3226 mare427591 petting1685 pixiv14253 role reversal1290 scene interpretation7927 sitting55937 smug5288 the tables have turned74 throne2850 throne room973 wat18461 wing hands1832


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we have a black cat named Luna, though we've raised her from a kitten since 2006 and she was originally named after the talking black cat from Sailor Moon. But after I got into MLP in 2011 her name got a brand-new meaning.
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