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artist's description:

I don't draw Rarity as much as I should
safe1704105 artist:evehly845 rarity181625 unicorn322253 anthro259756 plantigrade anthro32555 beautiful5563 beautisexy825 bedroom eyes59309 big breasts81888 blouse587 breasts277199 busty rarity12796 classy288 cleavage34504 clothes458792 come hither273 eyelashes10476 eyeshadow15558 female1360945 hair over one eye8998 hand on hip6154 high heels11182 huge breasts38229 legs8280 lidded eyes30633 lips1138 looking at you168160 makeup21395 mare479439 miniskirt4978 nail polish7739 pantyhose3416 rolled up sleeves124 seductive2222 seductive look1287 sexy29353 shoes36316 side slit1389 simple background392627 skirt39676 solo1062527 stupid sexy rarity1246 sultry122 sultry pose1851 unbuttoned247


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To me the back of the skirt looks to be see through. It looks like you can see the stockings on the back half Meaning you get to see you bottom.

This office girl sits on your desk. Her body twisted so her legs are facing one way with her torso and chest facing you.
Rarity: I'm done with those numbers like you asked Mr. Boss. She said kneeling in towards you. Her shirt unbuttoned into the top to reveal her cleavage bust.
Mr. Boss: Thank you, Miss Rarity. You reply as you try to nonchalantly ignore her sensual advances.

Rarity knew she would have to play hardball if she wanted your attention. So she got off the desk and strutted around you to pull your chair out. The sudden shock of her action forces you to pay attention, especially since she took a seat right on your lap revealing that under her skirt, Rarity was wearing no underwear.

The sweet scent of Rarity's parfum invaded your nostrils causing you to stutter; M-mm Mis. As you have begun to say before she cuts you off. "I would like to talk about a raise." She demanded… seductively.
Background Pony #DD4F
So this is Rarity in 'business casual'? What would Rarity in business formal look like?

The skirt is longer but the slots on the sides are higher.
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Very sexy, and also shows an impressive amount of skill at rendering. Evehly has improved a lot over the last few years. Look at the subtle detail on the shirt and buttons, and the reflections on the shoes.