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SreenShoot Remake

100% made at Ms Paint(But the shine of the manes,tails stars,the shading off and the shine in their eyes are made with gimp)

This episode was so cute! <3 I’m not a fan of scotaloo and rainbow dash, but rainbow was so sweet and seeing them together was simply adorable!
safe (1341694)artist:xrainbowicecreamx (11)rainbow dash (193547)scootaloo (44450)sleepless in ponyville (1101)cute (132165)cutealoo (1999)dashabetes (5868)duo (34636)duo female (5212)female (681327)filly (44114)helmet (7325)lidded eyes (15974)looking at each other (10877)mare (296624)night (17769)pegasus (163831)pony (607920)remake (330)sitting (42243)sky (8348)smiling (167321)stars (10346)


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