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A cute Fluttershy and an even cuter smol Rainbow Dash cuddling her favorite foot, commissioned by bax590.

FurAffinity post:
suggestive125986 artist:fetishsketches585 fluttershy195604 rainbow dash216991 anthro225529 plantigrade anthro26129 barefoot23772 blushing172250 breasts234323 cleavage30296 commission49715 feet33775 female877519 females only10686 fetish34219 foot fetish6390 foot focus2090 micro8370 shoes28889 signature18203 size difference12268 sneakers4594 sweat22318 toes5333


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6 comments posted
Background Pony #9EBE
I love when girls take off their sweaty shoes and socks right after a run <3