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Not so much Starlight this season:(


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@Background Pony #70AE
Two things though. One, the mane six's arcs are done. Have been for a while, but they have a bunch of episodes of them being just themselves. I know they're main characters and that's probably a bad example, but my point is an arc being complete is no excuse to cast a character aside.
And two, Road to Friendship and Matter of Principals sucked. Like REALLY sucked. So 2 out of 3 of those examples less illustrate a silver lining and more reinforces my point
Background Pony #4A53
That would be sad if the folks behind the show took all that initial backlash to heart. Makes me glad I came in late to the franchise. But past season we got to see her home town, previewed her role for the future (headmare), and a road trip episode. So while Starlight isn’t as prominent as in season 6 & 7 (my favorites), she still a major secondary character. So I still think she’l get at least one focused episode. Though like you unliked to be worthwhile as her character arc is complete and she’s as fleshed out as can be expected in this show
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@Background Pony #70AE
With how little the writers had her do last season (and half of it was practically character butchering) I highly doubt they'd do anything worthwhile with her in the last season. I mean she's not a main character so why would they. Sadly I think they say how much people didn't like her (90% of videos about her is bashing her to hell and back) and are backing off with giving her much prominence or important things to do. Which is a total shame and total bs if you ask me..
Background Pony #4A53
She’s still in episodes and playing a minor role. I’d rather them do that then ditch the character or ruin her. It would be surprising if she doesn’t get something big this last season since she’s such a major character. But I do share the same sentiment for my favorite pony


And it wouldn't be unprecedented to have her play something resembling a supporting role in an episode, despite not being in the synopsis.

That's what happened in S8, anyway.