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I've been thinking about digging a little deeper into my AU (Magnaverse?)

- Selena and Celestia were summoned and incarnated with magic (by Starswirl and his followers), they didn't have a natural birth.

- Selena is the incarnation of the Darkness and the Moon.

- Celestia is the incarnation of Light.

- Both were summoned with the purpose of conduct the equine race to the prosperity and superiority over the other species.

- In their youth they were tyrannical princesses feared by the other kingdoms and creatures. They rarely showed compassion to their opponents.

- Selena and Celestia are the same age.
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Background Pony #0C82
They're the same age… huh, so i guess that means Luna is the runt of the litter, or is it just Celestia who's abnormaly tall?