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I've been thinking about digging a little deeper into my AU (Magnaverse?)

- Selena and Celestia were summoned and incarnated with magic (by Starswirl and his followers), they didn't have a natural birth.

- Selena is the incarnation of the Darkness and the Moon.

- Celestia is the incarnation of Light.

- Both were summoned with the purpose of conduct the equine race to the prosperity and superiority over the other species.

- In their youth they were tyrannical princesses feared by the other kingdoms and creatures. They rarely showed compassion to their opponents.

- Selena and Celestia are the same age.
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Considering they were tyrants and their purpose was to lord over all other races, it seems entirely possible some other magical peoples got pissed off, and decided to summon chaos incarnate to tear down their order.
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Back in our RP (season 1~5 or so), I named them Celestia Aurora Pendragon and Luna Selene Pendragon.

I spun some BS about why some ponies had full names and others had goofball names like "Plumbutt Swizzle-Stick".
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IIRC, Lauren Faust originally wanted the sisters to be named Celestia and Selena, but Hasbro nixed that because they thought the similar-sounding names would confuse the target audience.

why did you change luna's name but not celestia? I mean its your own fan story and cannon so I cant really complain. im asking out of curiosity more then anything since I normally ether keep there names the same or change all of theres.