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Yet another entry into the saga of Fluttershy trying to be kinky with questionable success.

Looks like she's thought of a use for those bunny costumes from Easter . Unfortunately she seems to have misunderstood the whole "bunny suit" thing. She doesn't even understand how this is supposed to be sexy, but she's just so excited to try it.

The things Mac does for love. That hay is going to be a pain to clean up later it's probably going to itch like crazy.
safe1615969 anonymous artist2413 big macintosh27093 fluttershy203024 series:fm holidays99 animal costume1842 basket2781 bed37934 big macintosh is not amused22 bunny costume665 candle4372 candlelight180 carrot1958 clothes426110 costume25932 easter egg982 female1286361 fluttermac2723 food64308 hay1473 hoof hold7638 innocent352 lineless3519 male343905 no pupils3652 shipping188370 smiling224571 straight127855 unamused14632


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