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Yet another entry into the saga of Fluttershy trying to be kinky with questionable success.

Looks like she’s thought of a use for those bunny costumes from Easter
. Unfortunately she seems to have misunderstood the whole "bunny suit" thing. She doesn’t even understand how this is supposed to be sexy, but she’s just so excited to try it.

The things Mac does for love. That hay is going to be a pain to clean up later it’s probably going to itch like crazy.
safe (1446598)anonymous artist (1915)big macintosh (25504)fluttershy (186179)series:fm holidays (34)animal costume (1605)basket (2334)bed (31726)big macintosh is not amused (10)bunny costume (641)candle (3619)candlelight (138)carrot (1725)clothes (362142)costume (22451)easter egg (848)female (776069)fluttermac (2484)food (52356)hay (1310)hoof hold (6088)innocent (307)lineless (3172)male (263377)no pupils (2745)shipping (166853)smiling (186526)straight (110921)unamused (11535)

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