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Page 3.

This is my dark star AU as a comic. This AU takes place in the Crystal War timeline, in which King Sombra took over the Crystal Empire and declared war on Equestria. By his side is his apprentice, Twilight Sparkle and a bat pony by the name of Phantasm. On the Equestria side, there is Princess Celestia who rules alongside her non-reformed sister, Nightmare Moon and a emotionally dead Princess Cadence.

This AU focuses mostly on the next gen of this universe and how they shift the tides of the war just by going on a journey to follow a star. Ponies and non-ponies from both sides come together to chose how the war ends. Who will decide the fate of the war?

Will it be the prince of darkness? The slave? The soldier? The abomination? The outcast?

Who knows~
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