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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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: 3

part 1: fav.me/dd58rs7
part 2: fav.me/dd5biy7

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current status
bolded items indicate what will be updated

breasts (lv.4): 265/310

butt (lv.1): 10/30

hips (lv.3): 80/150

height (lv.3): 87/150

hair (lv.2): 40/70

angelic possession options

mind warp (phase 0/5): 0/10

angel wings (phase 1/5): 10/30

outfit tightness (lv.1): 10/30

hair and tail change (phase 1/5): 10/30

unlock halo: 0/10

unlock braided hair: 0/10

unlock mask: 0/10

unlock gloves: 0/10

unlock heels: 0/10

unlock original angel outfit: 0/50

unlock anarchy panty outfit: 0/50

unlock anarchy stocking outfit: 0/50

unlock angewomon outfit: 0/50

misc options
(first come first serve!)

unlock horniness: 0/30

unlock light muscle toning: 0/30

unlock makeup: 0/10

human skin tone: 0/10

rip dress to reveal midriff: 0/20

unlock pinup at the end of the CYG: 0/300

unlock bonus 5 page comic, angel trixie vs demon twilight: 0/1000
suggestive (105747)artist:peribooty (28)trixie (52314)equestria girls (145998)abstract background (7770)alternate hairstyle (19374)breast expansion (2420)breasts (183908)busty trixie (2845)cleavage (25218)clothes (328227)deviantart watermark (849)dialogue (45135)dress (32355)erect nipples (6197)female (682204)floating wings (668)full body (1338)growth (3635)horn (17771)horned humanization (5559)human (122550)humanized (85703)jacket (7868)long ears (217)nipple outline (4460)obtrusive watermark (1462)pointed ears (45)shoes (20991)smiling (167522)solo (827022)solo female (148259)speech bubble (14611)standing (7092)tail (12578)tailed humanization (2688)teeth (5886)thighs (3457)watermark (11816)winged humanization (7389)wings (43756)


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