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Artist’s Description

My pc is getting some hardware upgrades so I thought it would be fun to show some of the traditional sketches I’ve been doodling in the meantime!

Here is a mechanical pencil sketch, this time of Rosie Quartz, who’s clothes have been stolen and replaced by a bunny suit XD
suggestive (116744)artist:askbubblelee (1267)oc (542511)oc only (372178)oc:rosie quartz (57)anthro (206501)unicorn (217308)anthro oc (25978)bunny ears (2874)bunny suit (1954)clothes (367603)clothing theft (309)crying (36659)female (789580)leonine tail (6081)monochrome (136882)simple background (300557)sketch (54513)solo (897283)solo female (157705)teary eyes (2541)traditional art (100355)


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