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safe (1484907) artist:dashiesparkle (1333) editor:undeadponysoldier (974) sphinx (character) (759) pony (763716) sphinx (1450) daring done? (896) angry (21110) frown (20368) glare (7789) gritted teeth (9514) looking at you (128635) macro (9559) pixel art (8555) pixelated (205) sharp teeth (2666) simple background (309594) solo (913515) spread wings (43178) teeth (6847) white background (77326) wings (58957)


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Leon, the Prony

Pixel art is when the artist manipulates each and all pixels of an image with limited size and palette. When you're using a tool that introduces any unwanted colors (it can be anything from regular brushes, smudge tools to transparency effects, or even resizing with anti-alias), you're defeating the whole purpose.

After you pointed out, I can see now that some of the lines are re-traced by you, but since the base is still just a re-sampled image, it does not fall into the pixel art category.

Here's a really good beginner's guide that explains all the basics, pitfalls and things to avoid:
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I don't think that taking someone's vector (>>1490850 I guess, you aren't crediting the original artists) and running it through pixelate filter turns it into actual pixel art, nor it makes you an artist.