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Uploaded with artist's permission.

Diamond, Spike, and Amethyst walked into the map room, and they saw Twilight sitting by the map table.
“Twilight?” said Amethyst as she and Diamond walked up to her.
Twilight turned to see Diamond and Amethyst walking up to her, and she smiled.
“Oh, Diamond and Amethyst, this is unexpected, how was the patrol coming along?” Twilight asked as she got up from her chair.
“Not bad, although, nothing bad has been happening, since Tirek was defeated.” said Diamond as she rubbed the back of her neck.
“Well, I’m sure it’s gonna turn up soon.” said Twilight as she smiled. “How are you, Amethyst?”
“I’ve been pretty good, starting to get better on my bow and arrow skills. Pretty soon I should be full pro on it, and maybe help Diamond with her patrol.” said Amethyst with a smile.
“Someday you will, Amy.” said Diamond as she rubs Amethyst’s head.
“Was there something you needed?” Twilight asked.
“Oh… yeah, um, ever since Rainbow Dash took me to see AK Yearling herself a few days ago, I’ve kept on getting dreams of me and Daring Do going on adventures, but from the last 3 days, I kept on dreaming the same adventure on finding a crown… what was it… umm… the Divine Crown of the End?” said Diamond as she tried to remember her dreams.
Twilight was shocked by what Diamond had said on what's been going on with her, and when Diamond said ‘The Divine Crown of the End’, that’s what got her shocked. From the looks of it, Twilight knew of that kind of crown.
“‘T-The Divine Crown of the End’?” Twilight asked.
“Yeah.” said Diamond. “I was wondering if you have some kind of book or at least a scroll about it.”
“Well… I don’t know if I have that, but we can sure look. Spike, could you get Starlight in here, please?” said Twilight as she looked at Spike.
“Sure thing, Twi.” said Spike as he went to get Starlight.
“Speaking of Starlight, how is she doing with her friendship lessons?” Diamond asked.
“She’s doing great, she’s starting to get the hang of this friendship thing.” said Twilight with a smile.
“That’s good. So, let’s see if we can find the information on the crown.” said Diamond.
“Right, you search the top and I’ll search the bottom.” said Twilight as she started to search for a book about the crown.
“Got it.” said Diamond as she flew up to the top shelves to search for the book with her.


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