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So… I still don’t have a name for the great fellas yet. I know a lot of people call the genderbent Dazzlings "The Blindings," but I really don’t like that name. So, until I come up with one, they’ll just be known as Evil Boy Band. If you guys have name suggestions, let me know. I really need help, haha. So from left to right, we have Sonore Dusk. He’s a bass and supports the other two. Next, we have Allegro Dazzle. He the leader, obviously, and he is a baritone, but also leans more towards bass. Last, we have Andante Blaze. He’s a tenor and he makes them sound even better and more beautiful? He adds flare and spice, I guess. They also pretty much act like their female counterparts respectively with Sonore being the air-headed ditz, Allegro being the master manipulator and brains, and Andante being the grouch, but level-headed.


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