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safe (1484617) artist:dsana (466) spike (70772) twilight sparkle (269382) alicorn (175484) dragon (42197) pony (763456) comic:the shadow shard (100) bandage (4626) book (28316) comic (94213) dialogue (53902) duo (42352) feels (1500) female (809498) friendship express (337) male (275677) mama twilight (915) mare (365444) the end (192) train (1992) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (107252)


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12 comments posted
Background Pony #7CBD
So are Twilight Sparkle as Spike's Mother and Draconson as Spike's Father even married.
Background Pony #5E54
what spike is for twilight? he is a #1 assistant , he is a little brother, he is a student ,he is a son but mostly a friend!
what Twilight is for Spike? she is the Princess he serve, she is the best big sister he can dream off, she is his mother, she is his teacher but mostly she is his very best friend!
yes is be weid but the family love and friendship betwin those is very big, if one is in danger, twilight or spike will be worry for the other one! of course dont forget thier friends!
Artist -
An Artist Who Rocks -

So I get where you're going with this.

But "little brother, son" brings up too many pop culture references to isolated mountain-folk stereotypes to read that without feeling just a bit weird.