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Spike: So, while Shining Armor went on and on about his improved security measures, Luna and I struck a deal.

She put Zephyr in charge of the catacombs and helped keep Celestia out of the castle hallways. Once Luna was on

board, I just had to do my part and make sure we stuck to Twilight's plan so we'd all get to the throne room at the

same time!


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Adan Druego

[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001
Pinkie: SPACE!!!!!!!
Spike: Cloaks and Daggers. *HUMS MISSION IMPOSSIBLE THEME* Cloaks and Daggers. AWAY!

AD: SPIKE! We, the fandom, would really love to hate you right about now… BUT… Thanks to you we now have this:

AD: Sadly this second long scene has provided you with far more redemption than all of season six provided Starlight Glimmer with. At least in the eyes of some. I, for one, like good Starlight!
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
You sleazy motherf&&ker!! They could've DIED on that ride because of you!!

I thought the balloon crash was ALL Pinkie Pie's fault!