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suggestive (116712)artist:peribooty (44)twilight sparkle (265973)human (133789)equestria girls (164235)abstract background (9758)big breasts (58870)bimbo (3528)bimboification (745)breast expansion (2659)breasts (212089)busty twilight sparkle (9391)choker (7554)cleavage (28035)clothes (367332)dark skin (3447)deviantart watermark (1531)dialogue (52505)female (789114)growth (4329)hair growth (47)high heels (8328)horn (29080)horns (3781)incentive drive (127)long ears (257)magic (59373)midnight sparkle (2166)obtrusive watermark (2434)pointed ears (57)sharp teeth (2570)shoes (25232)skimpy outfit (301)smiling (189161)solo (896805)solo female (157640)speech bubble (17325)tail (15500)teeth (6671)thigh expansion (36)thighs (5314)thunder thighs (5316)tongue out (78571)transformation (8461)watermark (13037)wings (56251)


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