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Background Pony #8BD2
@Background Pony #A7D2  
Right…? Because clearly the other friendship blast didn’t jackshit to him because reasons. Heck, if anything did he could have simply brought him back life like before when they killed him in part one. Oh, wait he didn’t,that’s because the plot demanded he stay dead. The plot is the only reason they win, in other words Deus Ex moment plain and simple.
Background Pony #2CC0
@Background Pony #F4D0  
Oh yes, a villain destroying the elements of harmony only for the mane 6 to discover that they embody the elements themselves and that their friendship is the real source of their power is totally a deus ex machina and hasn’t been done or established before.
Background Pony #8BD2
@Background Pony #A7D2  
Wow, throwing insults is an easy way to get a ban, no matter how poor they are. I don’t need to feel any form superiority at all. It’s obviously Deus Ex moment, heck the writers blaintly admit it by having Sombra out of nowhere crying as he;s defeated. They knew this was a terrible ending.
Background Pony #2CC0
@Background Pony #F4D0  
No. Deus ex machina is literally a god being pulled in through a crane to solve an otherwise unsolvable solution. Thinking that your ability to identify story beats makes you a God who sees through the deception of corporate media and understands true art just proves you are another one of those who need to feel superior. You’re a flat earther and an anti vaxxer on the mental level.
Background Pony #8BD2
@Flummoxed Phoenix  
@Background Pony #A7D2  
This was a Deus Ex moment. Sombra literally did one thing no other villain could do, not even Discord could do. He won. The only reason the main six did anything to him was because of the plot.
Deus Ex moment is quite literally just villain losing because plot. And that literally what happened. They need a villain to return and get his ass kicked just to show how powerful the main six had gotten so the fans could trust in them handling the new Grogar since they haven’t done a damn thing since season five, heck season four if you count all six together.
Background Pony #2CC0
That moment when people in the comments don’t even realise this is an edit despite being tagged as such. I wonder if they even watched the episode.
Background Pony #2CC0
@Flummoxed Phoenix  
Show: does well established and obvious thing  
Dumass brony: Deus ex machina reeeeeeee  
I bet you’re even one of those CS worshipping imbeciles
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Twi’s Engineer Hubby
@Background Pony #957E  
That’s kinda how I viewed it, though i didn’t make the one connection you did where magic isn’t destroyed rather the Elements flowed into them. That’s a Tidbit I didn’t catch. Nice one!
I took it as the Elements of Harmony were no longer necessary for the mane 6 because they already embody them so they don’t need physical elements to wield the powers of friendship. Thought of the Elements as like training wheels so to speak, I bet you the student 6 will obtain physical elements.
Background Pony #B24E
@Flummoxed Phoenix
I can’t remember where I found it, but there was a really good theory somewhere on this site about why the six were able to take out Sombra: Celestia mentions in Twilight’s Kingdom that magic cannot disappear into thin air, it needs to go somewhere into a new host. Since the elements were smashed, all of their power naturally flowed into their former bearers. This would both tie into the first two episodes of the show (“The spirits of the Elements of Harmony… are right here!”) and into the established universe laws. Makes perfect sense why Sombra was like “No… this can’t be possible!” when they were preparing to kill him.
I’d be thrilled if this was revealed as the twist to defeat Grogar at the end of the season: the Mane Six are literally the Elements now, and are therefore truly worthy of taking Equestria’s throne.