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From the source:

It was a beautiful spring afternoon and Discord was enjoying the day in the lounge chair out back of Fluttershy cottage. A gentle breeze made the leaves in the nearby trees hiss and rattle.

The draconequus was in the middle of reading his book when his concentration was interrupted when his marefriend Fluttershy abruptly dove out of the sky landed in his lap almost knocking the wind out of his chest. Looking up from his book the Lord of Chaos found himself staring into the turquoise eyes of the pegasus. As was typical for this time of the year Flutters was wearing a pair of cutoff blue jeans and baby doll t-shirt. However there were a several things different this time.

First was the words FETCH printed on the shirt. Second was the black leather dog collar. Finally was the stick held between her teeth.

For several seconds the mare stared at him with big happy grin on her face. Then she lowered her head and slowly opened her mouth and deposited the stick into Discord’s lap. Then she looked up at her partner and smiled silently.

Discord looked at the stick then at Fluttershy then back at the stick. The mare looked at stick as well then she looked at Discord and started wagging her tail and panting. A light suddenly dawned in draconequus mind. He remembered watching Applejack playing Winona.

Slowly he picked up the stick and Fluttershy suddenly tensed up in anticipation. With his eyes affixed on the mare’s he tossed the stick. The mare launched herself into the air and with surprising agility caught the stick in her mouth. Then doing a loop that Rainbow Dash would’ve been proud of she flew back and once again landed in his lap. After a couple more seconds she deposited stick once again in his lap.

Once again he picked up the stick and she tensed. Slowly he started waving the stick around. As he did her eyes eagerly tracked its movement. This time he pitched the stick with greater vigor. Once again the mare tore off after it. As he watched her pursue it he muttered.

"My marefriend is hot, but really weird sometimes." A recent moment from my anthro MLP dreamscape.
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