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My gifs from P.H.U.N Art Pack
Thank @FristART for invitation :3

[fa source]
suggestive (105766)artist:tolsticot (309)fluttershy (174197)pinkie pie (179416)art pack:the p.h.u.n pack (33)animated (80067)anthro (186473)apron (2993)ass (33298)blushing (142992)clothes (328631)cutie mark (30904)earth pony (126209)eyes on the prize (3937)female (683315)floppy ears (38364)flutterbutt (3303)flutterpie (1237)gloves (13060)happy (21423)indoors (1349)jiggle (1281)lesbian (74630)looking at you (110002)mare (297668)open mouth (95495)pegasus (164558)pillow (11747)plantigrade anthro (20557)plushie (18560)pouting (1531)shipping (151513)smack dat ass (29)spanking (2084)stockings (23788)stuffed toy (156)tail (12614)tail lift (348)tail pull (1670)thigh highs (21149)


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Background Pony #9D4C
Pinkie looks like she’s found her true calling in life. Flutters looks like she’s wondering if she’s found hers too.
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