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Commision echa para catgirl479 de Twillight, Cadence y Shinnin de My little Pony en Gijinka.
Mature for much Undine.

suggestive (115710)artist:drantyno (182)princess cadance (28463)shining armor (20286)twilight sparkle (263965)human (132477)assisted exposure (1566)bare chest (2243)belly button (60546)blue underwear (2030)blushing (156784)boxers (516)camisole (100)clothes (362838)cutie mark underwear (840)embarrassed (8954)embarrassed underwear exposure (689)female (777741)horned humanization (5824)humanized (88785)humiliation (1768)light skin (4490)magic (58629)magic abuse (481)magic fail (49)male (263993)mary janes (1020)open mouth (106449):p (5942)panties (42195)partial nudity (13407)pink underwear (3434)shiningcadance (2197)shipping (167189)shocked (4856)smiling (186845)socks (50010)spell gone wrong (259)spread wings (41694)straight (111104)stripped by magic (137)teen princess cadance (676)thigh highs (24111)tongue out (77311)topless (9604)torn clothes (3837)underwear (50461)undressing (4150)wardrobe malfunction (4020)wide eyes (14714)winged humanization (7656)wings (54948)younger (14071)


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15 comments posted
Twi: "Big bro! lookie what I can do! lookie lookie!
Shin: In a minute sis, I am talking.
Twi: No, I can’t hold it very long, lookie lookie now!
Cad: "Just a minute Twily, we are talk-
*shred* ing…"
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Background Pony #5658
Twilight: "Hey, Cadance, wanna see what kind of underwear my big brother wears? shred"
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