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Commision echa para catgirl479 de Twillight, Cadence y Shinnin de My little Pony en Gijinka.
Mature for much Undine.

suggestive129875 artist:drantyno210 princess cadance30530 shining armor21732 twilight sparkle284040 human144535 assisted exposure1705 belly button68981 blue underwear2227 blushing178165 briefs465 camisole132 clothes415383 cutie mark underwear907 embarrassed10321 embarrassed underwear exposure782 exposed389 female1228422 food62306 horned humanization6423 humanized95300 humiliation1949 ice cream4613 light skin4586 magic abuse535 magic fail47 male331264 panties46376 pink underwear3764 shiningcadance2383 shipping184774 socks57759 spell gone wrong300 spread wings48518 straight122486 stripped by magic152 teen princess cadance819 thigh highs29153 underwear55794 undressing4778 wardrobe malfunction4674 wingboner7774 winged humanization8287 wings81751 younger15574


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In both versions no matter if shining armor was wearing briefs or boxer shorts when he was wearing a pretty shade of vermillion after twilight used her magic to vaporize his clothing when princess cadence was blushing.
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OPEN YOUR MOUTH, TWILIGHT! HERE IT COMES! what? I mean the ice cream. It's headed straight for her.
(Where can I get a pair of those panda undies)