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Commision echa para catgirl479 de Twillight, Cadence y Shinnin de My little Pony en Gijinka.
Mature for much Undine.

suggestive (114757)artist:drantyno (181)princess cadance (28402)shining armor (20274)twilight sparkle (263306)human (132076)assisted exposure (1559)belly button (60323)blue underwear (2027)blushing (156061)briefs (384)camisole (99)clothes (361249)cutie mark underwear (839)embarrassed (8935)embarrassed underwear exposure (678)exposed (318)female (773797)food (52183)horned humanization (5815)humanized (88466)humiliation (1769)ice cream (4054)light skin (4488)magic abuse (481)magic fail (49)male (262565)panties (42019)pink underwear (3421)shiningcadance (2193)shipping (166541)socks (49789)spell gone wrong (257)spread wings (41554)straight (110743)stripped by magic (137)teen princess cadance (674)thigh highs (23946)underwear (50237)undressing (4130)wardrobe malfunction (3997)wingboner (7341)winged humanization (7645)wings (54596)younger (14015)


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6 comments posted
In both versions no matter if shining armor was wearing briefs or boxer shorts when he was wearing a pretty shade of vermillion after twilight used her magic to vaporize his clothing when princess cadence was blushing.
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OPEN YOUR MOUTH, TWILIGHT! HERE IT COMES! what? I mean the ice cream. It’s headed straight for her.
(Where can I get a pair of those panda undies)
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