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@IoM citizen #42
Not that i want to although i have to be the "yes but" guy right here..

The reason why i chose Queen Chrysalis as Tzeentch over Discord as Tzeentch at the day of posting has more to do with the psychological rather then the physical nature of the character as in yes Discord does have mismatching body parts in his natural self identifying "i look like this" state BUT Queen Chrysalis by nature as a changeling last time i saw a changeling (before they became good guys) did not have a stable reflection of self as a persona since their nature was that of taking the shape of someone else to feed of the love given by the victim and move on once the victim was depleted or dead they (the changelings) as a individual by lack of any other definition were always changing physically and in personality to be able to feed hence i made the distinction by the nature of the beast..

Discord as a character was, is and for ever will be to me the character who does what ever he wants when ever he wants like making it rain chocolate or control realty for example just because he can made him at least to me a great character for Slaanesh and him being renowned as the spirit of chaos and disharmony made him a better fit for that chaos god then the others.

In simple terms i chose to match the MLP characters to the chaos gods not just on physical traits but also the psychological factors of who they were as a character and personality traits back then, and some parts 40k lore others the show.

I'm actually wondering what ponified versions of the 4 chaos gods would look like :D
My Line up is as follows:

King Sombra as Khorne, the Lord of Battle, possessed of towering and immortal fury.
Queen Chrysalis as Tzeentch, the bizarre and ever-changing Architect of Fate, weaves powerful sorceries to bind the future to his (in this case her) will.
Grogar as Nurgle, the Lord of Decay, labours endlessly to spread infection and pestilence.
Discord as Slaanesh, the Dark Prince of Chaos, indulgent of every pleasure and excess, no matter how immoral or perverse.

You know, I want to see this move forward, where a 40k mane 6 swoop in as she's about to wreck Cadia, friendship the bajeezus out of her like old-school Care Bears and we get the age of Luna Repentant.