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safe (1456688)artist:jargon scott (1803)artist:pabbley (2127)artist:threetwotwo32232 (964)derpy hooves (46351)human (133182)pegasus (197349)pony (722279)against glass (1111)comic (92100)cute (153584):d (688)derpabetes (1763)dude let me in (25)frog (hoof) (7908)frown (20012)glass (3484)heart (38737)heart eyes (12076)hoofbutt (742)junji ito (53)nervous (4478)onomatopoeia (2394)open mouth (107296)puffy cheeks (3225)raspberry (812)raspberry noise (185)scared (8137)silly (6534)silly pony (2695)smiling (188163)speech bubble (17238)sweat (20440)tongue out (78048)underhoof (42168)underp (636)uvula (1352)wide eyes (14936)window (6176)wingding eyes (16560)


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Background Pony #9D2
@Background Pony #1391
She’s like a chameleon in that sense; both eyes can focus on different things at the same time, making it painfully obvious when she’s ignoring you.
However, when both eyes are squarely focused on something for more than a second, then watch out.
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