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Hey everyone,

something a little simpler yet important as I find since I want to bring up the different styles I have for body proportions on the characters so far.

You see, some people may or may not see the difference between the Sitting Cuties and our Comic Sins style and here I am, showing you the different aspects

First off: My "normal Style", working with more or less realistic proportions and not making the characters any more cutesie to them, which creates more of a natural feeling to them.

Sitting Cuties: Their name describes them almost perfectly. These drawings only feature sitting characters in a more cutesie style compared to my normal working method. They have overall a bigger head and larger eyes on a smaller and simpler body. Yet they keep some of the details like ears and defined nostrills.

Comic Sins (Lupi's Style): The Comic Sins may have similarities to the Sitting Cuties, but are even smaller and cuter in general, a bit more chibi-ish here and they can have any pose possible. You can see that the legs are even thinner, the bodies smaller, the head is bigger and details are simplified. That mainly is what Comic Sins are all about. For my version, they're mostly drawn digitally and have a comic like look to them with simple shapes and very simple shading.

Comic Sins (:iconsnoopystallion;'s Style): The form doesn't change from my style as I am the one drawing the lineart, but Snoopy mostly works with traditional lineart and refines the lineart a bit more than I do, so he is more of a perfectionist, also adding details to the characters I don't so our styles differ nevertheless.

I hope this clears up the understanding of our Styles a bit Hope you like them ;)

If you want to support me, make sure to check out my Patreon. Every little bit helps me to keep my work possible and is very much appreciated. Thank you

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