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suggestive132474 artist:thebrokencog858 princess amore225 unicorn284544 anthro239787 arm behind head5686 armpits41796 bedroom eyes54719 big breasts73610 bra14676 breasts253748 busty princess amore30 cleavage32198 clothes425282 commission58374 erect nipples9290 female1284701 huge breasts34384 looking at you152255 lying down11938 nipple outline6637 solo1002222 solo female171458 underwear57008 upside down5180


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #D384
@cheng weng hoe
2) sombra* body is umbrum, look crystal heart is nightmares dream, the king sombra* umbrum smoke

Yes, the same vision that Amore herself admitted to seeing as well. Yet never once did she do anything to end his pain. She could have sent him away. Heck, the story gives a perfect excuse for him to leave, to be with his waifu yet no tell him to leave especailly the very princess that knows the longer he stays in the crystal empire the more insane he becomes.

I'm not saying Sombra is terribly written at all, just that Amore is just so pointless in the story. She literally does nothing at all on the possible assumption that one day down the line after he's slaughter millions and enslaved so much more than he would finally turn good when his waifu comes back to get him. Completely ignoring the fact he could left with his wiafu a long time ago and that which both wanted and never got and none of this would had ever come to pass.

Simple answer Amore needed to do something, heck anything rather then nothing and since comic have a major weakness for mares, Amore seducing him sounds a lot easier and less stupid then doing nothing.
Background Pony #D384
@cheng weng hoe
Yes, he claims to resurrect her… after he's murder half her population and enslaving the rest for those thousand years. She still worse because in the end, the only thing that stopped him was his waifu.

Huh, he was seduced. Damn it, Amore! Why so stupid?
Background Pony #D384
I wonder if she ever considered seducing Sombra to prevent him from killing her and conquering her kingdom.

It's better than her original plan, doing nothing while knowing from how everything going to down from the very beginning, Plus it could stomp on the idea that she is the worse princess.