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safe1588615 adagio dazzle12038 ahuizotl800 aria blaze9273 cozy glow6040 discord28947 doctor caballeron745 fido500 flam2023 flim2142 gladmane150 grogar1255 king sombra12776 lord tirek4791 mane-iac1554 mean applejack244 mean fluttershy215 mean pinkie pie188 mean rainbow dash174 mean rarity246 mean twilight sparkle688 nightmare moon16017 pony of shadows432 principal abacus cinch901 queen chrysalis32614 rover973 sonata dusk12669 sphinx (character)844 spot431 starlight glimmer44346 storm king1102 sunset shimmer58263 svengallop328 trixie62737 wallflower blush1646 wind rider212 sphinx1627 my little pony: the movie17978 the mean 61570 clone2332 flim flam brothers1181 mean six66 op is a duck4256 opinion307 the dazzlings4062


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Obsessive Creative
Seems far enough.

I'd argue certain points, but unless any of us suddenly has the ability to read the minds of cartoon villains, this is 90% interpretation.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Tirek couldn't have predicted Rainbow Power personally, could he?

He was pretty smart actually. Sombra was smart too.

Chrysalis fucked up the first time by turning her back on an alicorn, out of arrogance, second time was more forgivable, third time, she gets credit to her intelligence for having awareness that she couldn't take on the Mane Six alone.

For that matter, the Dazzlings did have a chance.
Evil Emperor Proteus

The Dazzlings plan was almost fool-proof and they lost because one person out of a few hundred had earphones in their ears. Even after the Rainbooms were freed the Dazzlings defeated them in battle in the first round until Sunset Shimmer joined in, who wans't a member of the band.
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Ruwa is best waifu.
If you think of it, Grogar has no real plan. He expects his team to combine their strengths to come up with a plan together.
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