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safe1615164 artist:tjpones3391 lyra heartstrings28412 30 minute art challenge7900 black and white12157 bone hurting juice15 cute186182 female1285765 food64259 grayscale35912 licking18750 mlem825 monochrome144803 necktie6570 pasta386 silly7124 solo1003347 spaghetti755 spagoots21 tongue out94957


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Background Pony #ADC6
She drank too much Bone Hurting Juice and it gave her terminal bonitis. Fortunately pony medical magitech allows ponies like her to live normal lives and drink all the Bone Hurting Juice they want. They just can't have achewater with it.
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Word Bug
I take it she's gotten some kind of non-bone skeletal replacement? Perhaps she has adamantium? Perhaps she stole a pile of cartilage from a shark?