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safe (1446411)artist:tjpones (2684)silverstream (4371)classical hippogriff (3912)hippogriff (6892)uprooted (866)spoiler:s09e03 (865)30 minute art challenge (7992)ambition (10)clothes (362070)cute (151778)diastreamies (401)female (775881)lineart (15963)non-pegasus wonderbolt (5)solo (887226)uniform (7835)wonderbolt silverstream (3)wonderbolt trainee uniform (1042)


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I mean, Gallus is just a griffon citizen, not anyone important, so he could totally join the Equestrian military without much issue at all. At worst they wouldn’t let him maintain dual citizenship.
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Now I’m thinking (assuming Griffonstone’s special political relationship with Equestria is such that a griffon could enter Wonderbolt Academy) all Silverstream has to do is get Queen Novo to sign a "permission slip" in the form of a treaty that may or may not involve bending the knee to alicorns.
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Can we just stop this now, you’re all thinking too seriously about this.
We shouldn’t be associating laws from the real world into a world full of pastel colored horses that can use friendship to make things EXPLODE
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Background Pony #4C19
I think one of the biggest strengths of the student six is that they don’t each correspond exactly to one pony. Silverstream is cheerful and easily amused like Pinkie, but dreams about being a Wonderbolt and worries about embarrassing herself during a performance like Dash.
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