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The art of seduction
suggestive (122445) artist:raridashdoodles (319) rainbow dash (213847) rarity (165041) earth pony (179644) pegasus (221622) pony (798058) unicorn (243327) sparkle's seven (1539) spoiler:s09e04 (1534) angry (22718) animated (89289) annoyed (4793) blushing (167825) cross-popping veins (1240) detective rarity (562) eating (8276) embarrassed (9579) food (57339) funny (3468) gif (26698) heart (41303) hot dog (397) implied blowjob (858) implied hotdogging (3) implied oral (1494) implied sex (5057) kissing (21637) lineart (18028) meat (1521) megaradash (200) ponies eating meat (823) rainbow dash always dresses in style (1458) rainbow dash is not amused (364) sausage (407) scene interpretation (7398) subtle as a train wreck (207) teasing (3108) tongue out (85027) unamused (12757) vibrating (1075)


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43 comments posted
Background Pony #76DE
@Derpy Whooves
Yeah, I've noticed. Was just curious as to why the blog name came to take precedence over the artist's pen name. Seems redundant somehow… Raridash isn't a big ship. You can find anything by this guy in seconds by just sifting through the regular raridash tag.
Background Pony #76DE
Kind of curious why this artist is tagged raridashdoodles, when this artist's name is mootch. It's not like whitediamonds is tagged rarijackdaily? That artist has twice the amount of ship art.
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Artist -

We need a 'raridashdoodles you magnificent bastard' tag. I think the artist is a girl, but I don't care. Regardless of gender, 'bastard' is a legitimate term for the illegitimate.

To be fair, ponies in general don't seem to really have conventional personal space (which leads to so many hilarious scenes, especially the booping, tail pulling, and so on). Zephyr also thought that RD was falling in a faint/swoon and thus caught her.