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safe (1343737)artist:liaaqila (498)derpy hooves (44383)doctor whooves (9106)time turner (9062)equestria girls (146076)barefoot (20248)bondage (25139)clothes (328438)commission (35943)confused (2909)cute (132506)discarded clothing (66)doctorderpy (1314)dopey hooves (129)dress (32380)equestria girls-ified (6303)equestria guys (728)feather (4141)feet (27226)female (682812)fetish (26604)foot fetish (5261)jacket (7877)jeans (2092)leather jacket (2357)lesbian (74584)male (231147)male feet (313)open mouth (95423)pants (8448)ponytail (11719)question mark (3157)rule 63 (21658)self paradox (806)self ponidox (5792)shipping (151430)shirt (15156)shorts (9363)simple background (268757)sitting on person (276)sleeveless (1989)socks (45477)soles (2658)straight (102298)striped socks (15586)the doctoress (78)tickle torture (1654)tickling (3465)tongue out (69635)traditional art (89812)t-shirt (2335)white background (65973)


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