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This is a drawing of Derpy as Link from the legend of zelda please comment favourite and watch me to see more
safe (1341696)artist:doval (2)artist:sammy181 (1)derpy hooves (44350)boomerang (45)clothes (327896)cosplay (24856)costume (20155)crossover (49140)cute (132165)derpabetes (1522)eye clipping through hair (1103)link (1151)mouth hold (12286)pony (607921)solo (826400)sword (8847)the legend of zelda (2629)weapon (20589)


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Seeing how Sammy181 didn’t credit Doval, I think they ripped them off…

People have tried to copy/trace my artwork too on DA several times, (in one case even copied my description, and a joke I made word for word) so it’s unfortunately not uncommon on DA.
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