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This is the first time when I draw Princess Cadence. I wanted to make her as cute as possible

Also, I'll be glad if you support me on Ko-Fi: "ko-fi.com/discordthege":ko-fi.com/discordthege ……….PLEASE

Also, thanks for assistance from . She give me her screen-tablet and…I want this thing for myself!!!11…It's sad, that this kind of tablet is too expensive right now(
suggestive (118876) artist:discordthege (220) king sombra (12096) princess cadance (29013) shining armor (20767) alicorn (175897) pony (765500) unicorn (227431) anatomically incorrect (3444) bed (33039) dock (40126) female (811586) frog (hoof) (8333) hoofbutt (791) human shoulders (835) incorrect leg anatomy (1682) looking at you (128957) mare (366725) misleading thumbnail (894) on bed (1866) open mouth (110790) pillow (13808) plot (67828) plushie (20521) solo (914975) underhoof (43176)


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