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suggestive (105550)artist:barasma (3)rarity (148416)equestria girls (145957)belching (38)blushing (142768)breasts (183874)burp (1186)candy (4644)cheek bulge (156)comic (82565)cute (132313)drool (18981)drool string (4198)endosoma (397)esophagus (101)eyes closed (62116)female (682031)fetish (26541)food (45513)gullet (75)gulp (174)heart (35289)inside mouth (62)inside stomach (46)internal (3064)macro/micro (227)maternal eyes (1)mawshot (925)micro (6953)mucous (82)mucus (244)open mouth (95314)raribetes (3014)raripred (325)saliva puddle (74)slime (1488)stomach (558)stomach acid (502)stomach growl (54)stomach noise (2143)stomach walls (15)swallowing (1426)taste buds (10)throat bulge (2759)unaware (268)uvula (1192)vore (11298)


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3 comments posted
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In Treue fest
You’d think that the imperceptibly small people would have the good sense not to stand on anything edible, wouldn’t you?
In any case, at least Rarity’s still enjoying her confectionery. It would’ve been dreadful if those tinies had ruined the texture.
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An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag

A Smut artist for Fun
cocks gun to your head
okay… now gimmie dat context…
. . .
I SAID gimmie that CONTEXT!!
realizes a rando who has no intention of explaining the context posted this
. . .
walks away sadly
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