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caught up with the new #MLPSeason9 episodes today. Liking what I have seen so far. here's some new sketches to prove this inspired by episode 4 :) #Brony #MLPFiM #mylittlepony #sketch #drawing #ponies #fanart #art
safe1584058 artist:jowybean839 princess celestia89721 princess luna94143 alicorn199065 bird6945 goose296 pony854590 sparkle's seven1581 animal3513 crown14514 dialogue59497 ethereal mane6642 female1181425 hoof shoes4314 jewelry52895 lidded eyes27093 lineart18927 luna petting goose121 mare425884 monochrome142835 petting1679 regalia16898 royal sisters3959 simple background348141 starry mane3410 throne2808 trio7444 white background86979


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