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one of edit short in this episode.

Edit Program: Sony Vegas 10.0 [64-bit]
safe1597332 edit121307 edited screencap58449 screencap208160 sound edit253 applejack161019 fluttershy201081 gummy4888 pinkie pie205665 spike74971 twilight sparkle285670 alicorn202040 dragon49588 earth pony209847 pegasus251172 pony866997 unicorn277916 sparkle's seven1589 animated93346 apple chord83 bunny ears3285 clothes418600 costume25122 dangerous mission outfit741 dead or alive (band)22 driven to tears3 drool22795 goggles13251 guard1122 guitar4462 helmet9732 hoodie12572 hot air balloon915 metal gear1140 music2598 nani44 plankton21 royal guard7086 sound7486 space helmet132 spit311 spongebob squarepants2709 spongebob time card123 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117085 twinkling balloon388 webm11059 welcome to the chum bucket3 winged spike7575 you spin me right round176


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