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Animation of >>2017910
safe (1409368)artist:nekubi (778)artist:szafir87 (111)princess luna (87153)sparkle's seven (1406)spoiler:s09e04 (1400)alicorn (159158)animal (2147)animated (83756)bird (5097)blofeld (3)duo (38162)ernst stavro blofeld (12)ethereal mane (4417)female (742896)frown (19189)gif (23387)goose (195)hoof shoes (2610)lidded eyes (17976)luna petting goose (108)mare (325205)petting (1461)pony (674398)scene interpretation (6803)serious (845)serious face (851)starry mane (2259)throne (2332)

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19 comments posted
le grand rêveur
waiting for a moment… what!
it was episode 200? its
it is certain … but no.

Very nice drawing, by the way.

Damn it, it’s not possible, it was a very mundane episode.
I felt practically nothing for this episode.
disappointment, there was some fun gif but it’s all.
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