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This is based on the RP I did on Pony Town! LOL It was fun! So I decided to do a vector edit version of it here. xDD Sombra is alive again thanks to one of Grogar's minions, Bray. Why he brought him back, who the heck knows. LOL Here he is… revealing himself to Grogar and Chrysalis. Grogar is not happy to see him again after what he did to stand up against him, but Sombra finally understands that his overconfidence and the magic of friendship's source of power is themselves. So… Sombra finally rejoins the Legion of Doom, but he is under heavy watch from Grogar, who does not trust him.

Queen Chrysalis, however, is happy to see Sombra again. She begins to somewhat respect him because he is the only villain who stood up against Grogar and shows no fear to him, despite being defeated later because of his arrogance and overconfidence. So, that is why she is happy here. xDD

Tirek and Cozy are not seen here, because I cannot find good vectors for them both. xDD So I decided to leave them out here. They must've stayed at Grogar's lair to keep watch while Grogar and Chrysalis go to this… mysterious cave. LOL


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Characters by Hasbro.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Artist -

Expert in useless facts
Tirek: So, how long do you think he stays alive this time? I bet a week.
Cozy Glow: I bet 3 days.
King Sombra: You speak as if you have never been killed by the power of those ponies.
Cozy Glow: Because it happened to us. You are the only one who has died here.
King Sombra:: Seriously?. But I thought Tirek …
Tirek: No, I was only depowered
King Sombra: Chrysalis?
Chrysalis: Not. I was blast off out of Canterlot. The fall was painful but nothing deadly.
Grogar: It seems that you are terribly weak to the magic of friendship.
King Sombra: Oh maybe I'm so evil that it's better to destroy me than to try to reform me.
Tirek: "Yeah, sure"
Chrysalis: Whatever
Cozy Glow: And that makes you happy…
King Sombra:…