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name: Crystal sun
Status: Prince, royal guard
parents: Flash, Sunset Shimmer
partner: Paradox ( husband)
Offspring: Crystal Hearth (daughter, Pegasus ), Pandora ( daughter, unicorn)
sex: male (gay)
Age: 17 ( the current timeline) – 25 ( shown)

-Paradox is his precious princes – Paradox is his bottom
– big ass nerd

Who fault it is my cousin’s

Crystal sun, Paradox, Pandora , Crystal sun belong to me and my cousin
Design – me and my cousin
Who came up whit the names- Cringequeen-universe

MLP Base 232
safe (1411081)artist:adoptionona (1)flash sentry (10767)sunset shimmer (49793)oc (517079)oc:crystal sun (1)oc:paradox (55)female (744710)flashimmer (1403)gay (22400)male (252385)offspring (28320)offspring's offspring (425)parent:flash sentry (2172)parents:flashimmer (173)parents:twiburst (156)parent:sunburst (676)parent:sunset shimmer (1156)parent:twilight sparkle (6084)pony (676278)shipping (161836)straight (107889)


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