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Redo of this pic:

She does this on a regular basis. She can't resist cuddling the booty. :3

MLPFIM © Hasbro
Alex the Chubby Pony © Me
safe1585890 artist:aleximusprime1369 pinkie pie204337 oc608659 oc:alex the chubby pony76 earth pony205592 pony856028 big98 buddies25 butthug317 chubby12764 cute181146 faceful of ass487 fat20171 flank1256 friends550 hug25486 hug from behind395 plot71475 plump6691 simple background348888 transparent background181062


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Background Pony #C0AE
Cuddle the booty? More like pressing her face against his private parts….
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