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safe (1457560)artist:徐詩珮 (5582)fizzlepop berrytwist (6316)glitter drops (4090)spring rain (3554)tempest shadow (12282)oc (539329)oc:betty pop (760)oc:spring legrt (189)oc:storm lightning (295)unicorn (214971)my little pony: the movie (16810)bathrobe (1129)broken horn (10156)chinese (2277)christmas (9555)christmas tree (2732)clothes (365653)cup (4809)dialogue (52212)doll (5507)female (784756)filly (52288)glitter drops is not amused (156)glittershadow (3606)half-siblings (540)happy (24638)hearth's warming (579)holiday (12090)horn (28560)implied twilight sparkle (1360)lesbian (84040)lineart (16314)magic (59080)magical lesbian spawn (8678)mare (350461)messy mane (5985)next generation (5480)offspring (29454)open mouth (107395)parent:glitter drops (1048)parents:glittershadow (956)parent:spring rain (528)parents:springdrops (286)parents:springshadow (436)parent:tempest shadow (1694)phone (4417)polyamory (4216)revenge (681)robe (2583)shipping (168291)siblings (4130)sisters (6167)sitting (47382)smiling (188309)springdrops (2506)spring rain is not amused (146)springshadow (3194)springshadowdrops (2424)tempest shadow is not amused (172)toy (19795)traditional art (99917)tree (23392)unamused (11649)

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