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Pony Waifu Sim

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So this has been me for the past few days, as last week I planted 15 sunflowers and 10 of those have just sprouted! I am more excited than I should be, as I really love growing plants and haven’t in years. It’s given me a little more purpose at this difficult time in my life and I wanted to portray it here!

I had a guy have a go at me the other day as my ’eye shimmer’ animations weren’t ’animated enough’ so I added a blink and half lidded eye shimmer too.
safe (1462994)artist:sjart117 (104)oc (542511)oc only (372178)oc:watermelana (168)pony (727860)animated (86440)blinking (2903)eager (51)excited (2251)eye shimmer (1074)female (789580)flower (19077)freckles (21424)gif (24590)gradient hooves (456)heart eyes (12159)looking down (5670)mare (353538)plant (1277)plant pot (13)sapling (86)seedling (9)smiling (189318)solo (897282)sunflower (358)watching (938)wingding eyes (16676)


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