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Shining Armor: P.S. We think Flurry Heart has the ability to cast an age-regression spell, but we have yet to confirm it. You should be fine, right?

700th image on Derpibooru!

Background Bedroom by BonesWolbach
Flurry Heart by luckreza8
Twilight and Spike by me.
safe1585828 artist:red4567870 princess flurry heart6376 spike74433 twilight sparkle283694 alicorn199453 dragon48891 ail-icorn240 sparkle's seven1582 spoiler:interseason shorts820 age regression1328 baby8933 baby dragon1292 baby spike659 babylight sparkle334 cute181130 diaper12388 flurrybetes849 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116175 weapons-grade cute3285


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