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safe1586946 screencap206364 rainbow dash220970 rarity171147 pegasus247479 pony857093 unicorn274092 sparkle's seven1582 alternate costumes1465 alternate hairstyle24820 and then there's rarity163 animated92911 clapping615 discovery family logo11473 female1207538 hat77268 lidded eyes27240 loop4918 megaradash212 rainbow dash always dresses in style1526 rainbow dash is not amused461 smiling218282 unamused14131


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Background Pony #F81C
"Now remember, Rainbow… be sultry, be coy, and be sure to get paid in advance."
"And it has to be me doing this because…?"
"The hat, darling. A wide brimmed hat means I'm in charge of you. Now, get out there and earn momma her cut."
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