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suggestive (113151)artist:dashboom (90)edit (99241)edited screencap (44373)editor:undeadponysoldier (875)screencap (174873)pinkie pie (189132)spike (68587)dragon (37781)earth pony (148465)pony (698698)blushing (153908)caption (13711)comic (89632)female (760664)horny (621)image macro (33151)implied sex (2796)implied sex in bed (1)lying down (7855)male (258207)meme (73475)pinkamena diane pie (17222)pinkamenaspike (14)pinkiespike (380)plot (64961)shipping (164609)straight (109545)stupid sexy pinkie (535)text (40629)tongue out (75837)

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Trixie is innocent.

Next time remember to credit the resources you used to the original artists.